The newest issue of our China Transport Sector Policy Briefing is here! The Sustainable Mobility Team at GIZ in China provides you with regular summaries of important policies in China’s transport sector. Inside this issue of the China Transport Sector Policy Briefing The 5th Issue of the China Transport Sector Policy Briefing 2019, as this year’s summer edition, covers highly relevant and exciting developments in May, June and July. Please click here to download China Transport Sector Policy Briefing Issue 5 2019 Summer Edition One of the highlights of this Issue is that China discusses to adjust its Dual Credit System, which is used to reward or penalise carmakers based on their share of NEVs and Corporate Average Fuel Consumption. The Chinese government has also released work plans to develop standards on New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) and Intelligent and Connected Vehicles (ICVs), directly referencing the cooperation with Germany and the EU.…