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The newest issue of our China Transport Sector Policy Briefing is here! The Sustainable Mobility Team at GIZ in China provides you with regular summaries of important policies in China’s transport sector. Inside this issue of the China Transport Sector Policy Briefing Please click here to download China Transport Sector Policy Briefing Issue 4 2019 Significant topics outlined in this issue are the energy consumption of electric vehicles (EVs) and the corporate average fuel consumption. Where the corporate average fuel consumption (CAFC) of China’s domestically produced vehicles was supposed to drop 3.2 liters per 100 km at the turn of the decade, preliminary figures now show that targets may already have been reached in 2018. At the same time, BEV manufacturers achieved particularly noteworthy results. What is more, in March, China introduced a new testing cycle for determining the energy consumption of EVs. The China Automotive Testing Cycle (CATC) was…