China Transport Sector Policy Briefing – 2018, Issue 6 The newest issue of our China Transport Sector Policy Briefing is here! The Sustainable Mobility Team at GIZ in China provides you with regular summaries of new important policies in China’s transport sector. Please click here to download: China Transport Sector Policy Briefing Issue 6 2018 In the end of 2018, the Chinese government started significant measures to advance its logistics industry, while planning to strengthen the hydrogen fuel cell production in Jiangsu. Furthermore, new developments regarding New Energy Vehicle (NEV) and Intelligent and Connected Vehicle (ICV) industries were omnipresent. Reinventing the logistics industry, cleaner air for Beijing, intelligent ship building, battery recycling and hydrogen fuel cells Beijing intends to aid the phase out of heavily polluting heavy duty vehicles (HDVs) in the capital city. Since 1 December 2018, CHINA III diesel-fueled HDVs registered in Beijing are no longer permitted within…