China, with a total of 10.5 Gt of CO2 in 2018, is the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG)[1]. Transport accounts for about 11 percent of those emissions and in particular road transport poses a big challenge to the people: The number of vehicles on China’s roads has increased from 27 million vehicles in 2004 to 240 million vehicles in 2018. The country’s road network is already approaching the limit of its capacity and continuing rapid urbanization and the further growing motorization in cities come along with significant increase in traffic volume and greenhouse gas emissions, congestion, air pollution, traffic accidents as well as related economic losses and overall reduced life quality. The COVID-19 epidemic has so far accelerated this development and led to decreasing shares of public transport, growing car ownership and shares of trips with the private car. In particular the promotion of biking and walking as…